COVERSA is hiring for contract Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners. The SANE will provide timely, non-judgmental, compassionate care to the sexual assault victim.
The SANE exam may include:
  • A medical-forensic exam
  • Prophylaxis for pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections
  • Photographic documentation
  • Referrals for appropriate medical and psychological follow-up
  • Support and participation in legal proceedings
SANE Qualifications:
  • Current Missouri and Kansas Registered Nurse Licensure or higher
  • CPR or BLS certified
  • Individual or employment-based malpractice insurance (1,000,000/6,000,000)
  • Minimum two years of nursing experience; specialty experience in women’s health, emergency department or intensive care(preferred), public health or psychiatry recommended with demonstrated autonomy and professional judgment in nursing practice
  • Completion of the SANE didactic training (COVERSA will provide)
  • Successful completion of recommended clinical components to minimally include:
    • Conducting at least five normal pelvic exams with 10 recommended
    • Conducting at least five male genital exams with 10 recommended
    • Shadowing an experienced SANE for two exams then being shadowed an experience SANE for two exams
    • Proficient use of all equipment
SANE Job Responsibilities:
  • Perform and document sexual assault medical forensic interviews/exams accurately and timely
  • Perform a complete medical forensic evaluation to include:
  • Head-to-toe medical assessment for trauma, detailed genital/anal examination
  • Forensic specimen collection and supportive documentation
  • Photo documentation of bodily and genital-anal injuries with competent documentation
  • Assess for mandatory reporting status and report when appropriate
  • Maintain chain of custody and adhere to evidence guidelines
  • Ensure patient/medical record confidentiality at all times (HIPPA)
  • Maintain professional standards that do not create a conflict of interests with employment or patient care
  • Administer prophylactic medications and emergency contraception
  • Coordinate referrals for appropriate follow-up care as needed
  • Testify as a fact witness to any/all cases performed while contracted as a SANE
  • 48 hrs minimum coverage of on-call per month, to include shared holiday coverage
  • Participate in community awareness and outreach projects as needed and directed by the Director of Clinical Services
  • Recommended minimum of five adult exams performed within 12 month period, with completion of continued education, case studies, literature review, and chart reviews

If interested, please email COVERSA'S Director of Clinical Services, Carolyn Cordle at